Crazy Runs In Your Blood

You may not know this but
crazy runs in your blood.
You are the product of a wide-eyed dreamer who
saw the perfect symmetry between insanity and beauty and
spent each waking minute devoting herself to
tracing the lines between the two,
searching for a crack in the plane to slip into,
spiraling in a perfect vortex
while the scenery blew by in
blurry pastels and opaque reasoning.
You see,
crazy runs in your blood.
While the world around you may tell you that you’re
“too small” or “too bold” or “he just needs some medication for that”,
I say: No, he’s just got my
imaginative mind and
creative hands.
We dream in bolds and italics.
We look at the indentations in paragraphs and wonder what was supposed to fill in the gap;
why the long pause between thought and expression and
why must we leave so many spaces untouched?
While others are busy following protocol and directions and
making sure their word count meets the criteria,
adjusting their views because of the marks of a red pen,
we are busy drawing in the sand and waiting for the ocean currents to change
for the thrill of witnessing our old marks swept away
allowing us to start fresh again.
Crazy runs in your blood.
We can’t sit still for long.
We let the auras around us permeate through our souls and directly alter our course of life.
Some may say we are unsteady
incapable of finding ourselves because if we don’t
“get smarter, child” we will surely miss their predetermined mark.
you will miss their mark
by a long mile, screaming
while the rest of the world sits by shaking their heads,
pondering where you went astray,
pacing their carbon-copy homes in their
carbon-copy communities raising their
carbon-copy kids
muttering “but the world just doesn’t work that way”…
but it does, child.
The world works in whatever way you want it to.
The world is full of wonder and secrets
waiting to be unlocked
by a beautifully reckless wild soul.
A crazy child.
A crazy child.
Crazy runs in your blood.

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