Jigsaw Puzzle

Attempting to piece together fragments of my heart was
much like trying to piece together shards of broken glass;
You see, each shard brought with it its own tiny sting,
pricking delicate fingertips in
remembrance of why it was shattered in the first place and
there always seemed to be pieces that
wouldn’t quite fit together to form the
perfect shape that I was blessed with
on the day of my birth.
Many fingertips attempted this jigsaw puzzle only to
walk away with shaking heads and hands of defeat thrown in the air,
or maybe knowingly?…
taking a piece of my puzzle with them which
created new challenges for the next poised fingertip to encounter.
But you,
You showed my your unwavering fingertips and whispered
“Let me try”.
You welcomed the challenge with
calloused hands and
slowly began to
pick up each broken piece and
carefully craft new little shapes with
whatever pieces were too far gone to reconcile.
With each new shape that took form
I became aware of new possibilities within me.
My once precarious frame was refreshed with
new adventure,
gushes of life,
flashes of realizations;
An unwavering love that
proved that although fairy-tale endings are only for movies
I can have a close-to-fairy-tale-life.
What began as innocent late-night conversations over
coffee and cigarettes
quickly spiraled into a whirl-wind hurricane of passion and I
eagerly awaited each moment where
you drew me in and enticed me to
fall into you.
With each tender kiss and gentle touch my
body became aware of sensations that I
was previously unaware existed and
each earth-shattering-toe-curling-oh-my-God-don’t-stop-this phenomena
begged for me to melt into you and
I couldn’t get enough and
I still can’t.
You fulfill me
in so many ways that
I cannot imagine a life where I do not share your last name.
This beautiful collision of
fate and chance
has forever changed my course of life.
Because of you, I am a new me
A better me;
A jigsaw puzzle, complete.


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